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Welcome to Telecom Directorate

The Telecom Directorate of Ministry of Railways oversees the complete working of Telecom in Indian Railways. It takes care of all the telecommunication requirement of Indian Railways.

This site is meant for Railwaymen trying to gather information about the working of the Telecom Directorate.

Starting Point

Railnet Policy Important Letters
Railway Board Telephone Directory IRISET Notes TelecomPositions
Telecom Manual Vision 2020 NGN of Railways


  1. Sri Kul Bhushan, Member Electrical
  2. Sri A K Misra, Additional Member (Telecom)
  3. Sri R C Adwal, Executive Director (Telecom Development)
  4. Sri Rakesh Ranjan, Director (Telecom)
  5. Sri Rajneesh Jha, ESTE/Tele/Works
  6. Sri Vineet Sinha, SSTE/Tele/Mtce
  7. Sri S C Sharma, ASTE/Tele/NR

Telecom Branch

  1. Ms. Shashi Anand, Section Officer
  2. Sri V P Singh, Technical Assistant
  3. Sri T Nambi, Assistant
  4. Sri Kuldeep Singh, Assistant
  5. Sri C P Shah, Assistant
  6. Sri Ajeet Singh, Assistant
  7. Sri Yogesh Parashar, Steno
  8. Sri Arvind Kumar, Messenger

Various Documents

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