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Welcome to Signal Directorate

The Signal Directorate of Ministry of Railways, Government of India, oversees the complete working of Signal in Indian Railways. It takes care of all the Signal requirement of Indian Railways.

This site is meant for Railwaymen trying to gather information about the working of the Signal Directorate.

Starting Point

Organisation IR Tele Directory IRSEM - Part I
Correction Slip
IRISET Training Module
Posting Orders Vacancy Circulars SAG & above
in Cadre Ex Cadre
Status of 2nd Distant Signal
Signal Assets At a glance Pink Book - S&T PortionHighlights of the month Works Progress
Highlights of the Month Accidents & CRS Recommendations Signal Failures PRIME
FRPCPY Induction of New TechnologyTrack Circuiting Signaling at Station
Interlocked LC Gates Safety Drives Roll Diagram Age profile of Station
Mechnical SignalingStatus of PI/EI/RRIStatus of BPAC Status of LED Signals
Status of Data Logger Status of Automatic Block SignalingStatus of IBSStatus of IPS

Policy Letter - related to Subject

Signal Track Circuit Point Block
Power Supply EI Interlocking Data Logger
Relays Earthing & Surge Protection Cable / Indoor wiringELD Axle counter
ACD / TCAS TPWSLC Gate Miscellaneous

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