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SHAMINDER SINGH HAG A DIRECT 1985 20-May-63 25-May-87 Pr.CSTE/NR 20-May-21 20-May-21 9717630800
SHAILESH KUMAR TIWARI NF HAG A DIRECT 1989 01-Jan-65 10-Jan-91 CWM/SW/ GZB 10-Nov-21 22-Oct-18 9717630806
RAJNEESH KUMAR NF HAG A DIRECT 1990 21-Jul-69 02-Dec-91 CSTE/ PLG 19-May-20 19-Nov-19 9717630824
JAI PRAKASH SINDHUNF- HAG A DIRECT 199021Feb-6502-Dec-91 CCE 16-Feb-22 Oct-16 9717630802
RAJEEV KUMAR NF HAG A DIRECT 1991 Mar-69 30-Nov-92 CSTE/P/WEST 30-Oct-19 30-Oct-19 9717640081
AMIT MEHROTRA NF-HAG A DIRECT 1992 10-Oct-69 21-Feb-94CSE/WEST 16-Feb-22 25-Nov-19 9717635058
RAJMAL KHOIWAL SAG A DIRECT 1993 15-Jul-71 24-Jan-95 CSTE/SAFETY 16-Dec-19 16-Dec-19 9717630845
R.K.YADAV SAG A DIRECT 1995 30-Sep-72 28-Apr-97 "CSTE/Const 27-Sep-21 15-Apr-19 9717630816
VIKAS SRIVASTAV SAG A DIRECT 1996 03-Apr-71 27-Jan-98 CSE/EAST 10-Feb-22 15-Feb-10 9717630809
VIJAY SOLANKI SAG A DIRECT 1997 22-Jun-73 04-Mar-99 CSTE/P/EAST16-Feb-22 12-Aug-21 9717636897
J.C.GUPTA SAG A DIRECT 1998 19-Mar-75 29-Sep-99 CSTE/Works 14-Jun-19 Jan-15 9717630805
ANIL KUMAR GUPTA SAG A DIRECT 1998 07-Mar-73 20-Sep-99 CSTE/USBRL 19-Nov-20 19-Nov-20 9717630818
YASHWANT SINGH SAG A DIRECT 1998 22-Jul-74 20-Sep-99DIRECTOR/STTC/GZB 10-Nov-21 10-Nov-21 9717630815
BHUPENDER PRATAP SINGH SAG A DIRECT 1999 15-Jun-75 03-Sep-00 ADRM/FZR 17-Aug-20 17-Aug-20 9779232002
VINITA NARERA SAG A DIRECT 1999 10-Jul-77 19-Mar-01On study leave 6-Oct-21 12-Dec-19 9910487417
MUKUL KUMAR AGARWAL SAG A DIRECT 2002 15-Feb-79 01-Sep-03 CSTE/P/HQ 28-May-21 28-May-21 9717641250
Y.S.GULERIA SG A DIRECT 2004 22-Aug-80 05-Sep-05 Dy. CSTE/W/LDH 05-Jul-18 05-Jul-18 9779230805
B.M.TRIPATHI SG A DIRECT 2004 20-Oct-78 21-Nov-05 Dy. CSTE/HQ 05-Jul-18 05-Jul-18 9717630811
R.K. CHOWDHARY SG A DIRECT 2004 15-Jul-82 05-Sep-05 Dy. CSTE/P/LKO 25-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 9760530809
NITIN PRAKASH SG A DIRECT 2004 31-Jan-83 05-Sep-05 Sr. DSTE/C/MB 18-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 9760534800
VIKAS KUMAR SG A DIRECT 2005 28-Feb-81 11-Dec-06Dy.CSTE/C-II/LKO 14-Feb-22 30-Jul-19 9717630821
ATUL KUMAR VERMA SG A DIRECT 2005 15-Jul-80 11-Dec-06 Dy. CSTE/CR 28-Feb-22 Dec-15 9717630846
V.K.PANDEY SG A PROMOTEE 2005 30-Mar-67 11-Sep-07 Dy. CSTE/D&D 26-Sep-19 05-Dec-13 9717630844
O.P GREWAL SG A PROMOTEE 2005 10-Mar-63 11-Sep-07 Dy. CSTE/TELE 11-Sep-19 Dec-09 9717630830
S.S.BAGHEL SG A PROMOTEE 2005 24-Aug-62 11-Sep-07 Dy. CSTE/P/HQ 24-Jun-21 06-Sep-01 9717630814
S.S.THAKUR SG A DIRECT 2006 01-Sep-83 10-Dec-07 Dy. CSTE/GSU 01-JuN-22 07-Jul-20 9717630868
AMIT KUMAR SG A DIRECT 2006 21-Jun-82 10-Dec-07 Sr.DSTE/C/LKO 14-Feb-22 01-Apr-16 9794833800
ANURAG ANAND SG A DIRECT 2007 02-Sep-84 15-Dec-08 Sr. DSTE/C/DLI 22-May-20 May-12 9717631800
HARI PRASAD JAG A PROMOTEE 2007 15-Dec-66 08-May-09 Dy. CSTE/SIG 21-Aug-19 21-Aug-19 9717630828
AMIT SINGH JAG A DIRECT 2008 15-Oct-85 14-Dec-09 Dy. CSTE/C/CW 18-Sep-18 Aug-16 9717630819
VIJAYENDRA KUMAR JAG A DIRECT 2009 04-Dec-87 13-Dec-10 Dy. CSTE/P/UMB 22-Jul-19 22-Jul-19 9717630810
SUNEEL KUMAR JAG A DIRECT 2009 06-Nov-87 13-Dec-10 Dy. CSTE/C/PS 24-Jun-21 14-Aug-18 9717630825
VARUN SHARMA JAG A DIRECT 2009 07-Jan-88 15-Dec-10 Sr. DSTE/C/FZR 3-May-21 3-May-21 9779232800
ANITA JAG A DIRECT 2009 10-May-86 13-Dec-10 Dy. CSTE/C/D&D /HQ 27-Jul-20 23-Oct-19 9717630812
V.K ARORA JAG A PROMOTEE 2009 07-Aug-62 16-Dec-15 Dy.CSTE/P/HQ/ Coord 29-Jul-19 10-Oct-05 9717630851
B.K SHAH JAG A PROMOTEE 2009 18-Dec-62 16-Dec-15 Dy. CSTE/PLG/HQ 04-Jul-19 31-Jul-06 9717630841
JATINDER KUMARJAG A DIRECT 2010 27-May-83 21-Feb-12 Dy. CSTE/Spl/TKJ 21-Sep-20 10-Jan-14 9717630850
SURESH KR CHATURVEDY JAG A DIRECT 2010 10-Mar-87 21-Dec-11 PRINCIPAL/ STTC/ GZB 16-Jul-19 16-Jul-19 9717630837
BRIJESH VERMA JAG A DIRECT 2010 07-Aug-88 15-Dec-11 Dy. CSTE/C-I/LKO 30-May-20 26-Feb-18 9794833801
RAVI MANIK PATILJAG A DIRECT 2010 10-Sep-83 21-Dec-11 Dy. CSTE/C/TKJ 04-Sep-20 Nov-18 9717630822
VIVEK JAG A DIRECT 2010 18-Dec-87 19-Dec-11 Sr. DSTE/UMB 07-Apr-21 07-Apr-21 9779232800
ISHUB KHAN JAG A PROMOTEE 2011 20-Nov-62 2011 Sr. DSO/FZR 15-May-20 12-Dec-18 9779232901
VINEET SINHA JAG A PROMOTEE 2011 01-Jun-62 2011 Dy. CSTE/P/East 15-May-20 18-Jul-06 9717630848
NAGENDER SHARMA JAG A PROMOTEE 2011 01-Jan-64 2011 Sr. DSTE/I/DLI(On Leave) 27-May-20 Oct-05
A.P.SINGH JAG A PROMOTEE 2011 13-Aug-66 2011 Dy.CSTE/USBRL/JAT 06-Jul-20 06-Jul-20 9797530219
SANJAY PRATAP SINGH JAG A PROMOTEE 2011 12-Dec-64 2011 Dy.CSTE/Sig/WEST 17-Mar-22 17-Mar-22 9760530805
NARESH KR ARORA JAG A PROMOTEE 2011 24-Sep-63 2011 Dy.CSTE/C/HQ 01-Sep-20 02-Dec-09 9717630827
UPVINDER SINGH JAG (A) A DIRECT 2011 10-Jun-86 10-Dec-12 Sr.DSTE/II/DLI 21-Sep-20 23-Jun-14 9717631802
PRABHAKAR SARAN JAG (A) A DIRECT 2011 08-May-87 10-Dec-12 Dy. CSTE/TW 19-Mar-21 03-Jan-18 9717630847
RAHUL KUMAR JAG (A) A DIRECT 2011 02-Aug-87 10-Dec-12 Sr.DSTE-I/LKO 30-Jun-21 Oct-16 9794833801
SUNIL KUMAR JAG (A) A DIRECT2011 15-Dec-83 10-Dec-12 Sr.DSTE/I/MB 24-Jun-21 24-Mar-20 9760534801
SATWINDER KAUR JAG A DIRECT 2011 06-Nov-86 08-Dec-14 Sr.DSTE/I/MB 03-March-22 03-MARCH-22 9717631801
VED BHANU RANA SS A PROMOTEE 2012 26-Jul-65 19-Mar-20 ESTE/Const/TKJ 14-May-18 Dec-09 9717630887
SANJAY GOEL SS A PROMOTEE 2012 20-Feb-66 19-Mar-20 ESTE/D&D-II/HQ 20-Jun-13 Jan-09 9717630826
D.K NEGI SS A PROMOTEE 2012 15-Jan-63 19-Mar-20 WM/SW/GZB 10-Feb-20 Jun-13 9717630840
JATINDER SINGH SS A DIRECT 2012 03-Feb-81 19-Feb-14 DSTE/FZR 22-Jul-20 22-Jul-20 9779232811
SUMIT MITTAL SS A DIRECT 2012 06-May-88 09-Dec-13 ESTE/P/LKO 07-Sep-20 13-Nov-19 9760530853
ATESH KUMAR SS A DIRECT 2012 25-Dec-86 09-Dec-13 DSTE/W/MB 11-Feb-20 11-Sep-18 9760534810
SAURABH TIWARI SS A DIRECT 2012 30-Mar-85 09-Dec-13 ESTE/C/LKO 13-Jul-21 16-Jul-18 9794833802
AKSHIT SOOD SS A DIRECT 2013 06-Aug-87 15-Dec-14 ESTE/P/TW 11-Sep-20 23-Jun-16 9717630854
CHESHTA MINOCHA SS A DIRECT 2013 21-Nov-88 15-Dec-14 DSTE/Sig/HQ/DLI 17-Sep-21 24-Jun-19 9717631811
ROHIT VERMA SS A DIRECT 2013 09-Nov-89 15-Dec-14 ESTE/Works/LDH 01-Sep-20 01-Sep-20 9779230826
SANDEEP BHARTI SS A DIRECT 2013 12-Jun-91 15-Dec-14 DSTE/LKO 10-Feb-22 10-Feb-22 9794833802
ANKUSH SINGLA SS A DIRECT 2013 27-Sep-88 15-Dec-14 DSTE/I/MB 25-May-21 24-Feb-20 9760534820
VASU HANDA SS A DIRECT 2014 28-Apr-91 21-Dec-15 ESTE/Spl/TKJ 03-Jun-21 07-Jul-17 9717630886
MANISH KUMAR SS A DIRECT 2014 05-Aug-89 21-Dec-15 ESTE/P/MB 19-Jul-21 11-Sep-19 9760534821
RAKESH KUMAR SS A DIRECT 2014 21-Jan-92 21-Dec-15 DSTE/SIR/UMB 11-March-22 14-Jul-20 9729539820
TEJASVI SHARMA JS A DIRECT 2014 28-Mar-92 21-Dec-15 AESTE/C-III/TKJ 30-Oct-19 30-Oct-19 9990073626
RITIKA KELKAR JS A DIRECT 2014 28-Apr-87 21-Dec-15 AESTE/P/SW 12-Sep-18 12-Sep-18 9717630860
MANISH KUMAR JS A DIRECT 2016 15-Mar-85 31-Jul-17 ADSTE/JAT 15-Sep-20 01-Feb-19 9797532820
SATISH KUMAR MEENA JS A DIRECT 2016 20-Aug-94 31-Jul-17 ADSTE/SPN 06-Jun-19 06-Jun-19 9760534822
KULDEEP JS A DIRECT 2018 25-Nov-94 2018 ADSTE/BDGM 08-Jul-21 12-Oct-20 8877000167
MANISH KHANDORI JS A DIRECT 2018 01-Apr-93 2018 ADSTE/HRI 19-Aug-21 19-Aug-21 9760534823
MANOJ KUMAR SS B PROMOTEE 16-May-73 - ESTE/Rly Bd 30-Mar-12 Nov-07 9717630853
SHYAM LAL SS B PROMOTEE 20-Mar-70 - DSTE/Tele/HQ/DLI 17-Sep-21 27-Apr-15 9717631810
HS RAWAT SS B PROMOTEE 30-Jun-65 - ESTE/C/HQ 29-Dec-21 26-Aug-08 9717630884
BIRENDER PRASAD SS B PROMOTEE 24-Jun-64 - ESTE/C/CW 19-Oct-20 Nov-09 9717630885
ITWARI SINGH SS B PROMOTEE 10-Mar-64 - ESTE/Tele/HQ 20-Sep-21 25-Jun-13 9717630835
SUDHIR KUMAR SS B PROMOTEE 10-Jun-64 - ESTE/Sig/HQ 30-Dec-13 12-Jul-11 9717630875
FIROZ AHMED JS B PROMOTEE 01-Apr-72 - AESTE/C/LKO 12-Sep-19 12-Sep-19 9794830814
KAMTA PRASAD JS B PROMOTEE 08-Jul-67 - "ADSTE/SLN 21-Sep-20 21-Sep-20 9794833806
JASBIR SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 16-May-67 - AESTE/USBRL/JAT Feb-22 16-Sep-19 9779230825
M.K.SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 17-Feb-65 - ADSO/MB 31-Mar-20 Nov-13 9760541568
RL MEENA JS B PROMOTEE 01-Sep-68 - AESTE/Const./CW -II01-Dec-21Aug-08 9717630872
PARAMJEET JS B PROMOTEE 15-Apr-65 - ADSTE/LDH 13-Nov-18 13-Nov-18 9779232822
ANIL KUMAR GOD JS B PROMOTEE 01-Aug-64 - AESTE/C/D&D/DLI 08-Dec-21 May-10 9717630849
AVNISH KUMAR ARORA JS B PROMOTEE 28-Feb-74 - AESTE/P/HQ 01-Sep-14 21-Jan-09 9971691946
VACHASPATI BHARADWAJ JS B PROMOTEE 15-Dec-62 - AESTE/UTS/HQ 01-Sep-20 13-Dec-19 9717630852
RAKESH KUMAR JS B PROMOTEE 12-Oct-64 - AESTE/HQ 09-Jun-10 09-Jun-10 9717630859
KULDEEP KUMAR JS B PROMOTEE 20-Oct-62 - AESTE/P/JUC 15-Oct-19 15-Oct-19 9779230810
BHARAT SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 10-Jul-63 - AESTE/Plg/HQ 22-Nov-21 09-Sep-19 9717630861
OM PRAKASH JS B PROMOTEE 14-Aug-71 - ADSTE/FZR 13-Aug-20 13-Aug-20 9779232810
ARUN KUMAR ARORA JS B PROMOTEE 05-Jan-67 - "AESTE/HQ-II 22-Nov-21 19-Feb-19 9717630862
VIKAS MAKHIJA JS B PROMOTEE 18-Nov-74 - "AESTE/D&D/HQ 02-Jan-19 02-Jan-19 9717630867
SUSHIL KUMAR JS B PROMOTEE 20-Jul-65 - "ADSTE/T/HQ/DLI" 10-Sep-20 30-Apr-10 9717631826
ANURAG SRIVASTAV JS B PROMOTEE 20-Dec-71 - ADSTE/W/LKO 11-Sep-19 11-Sep-19 9794833808
ANIL KUMAR SHASTRI JS B PROMOTEE 05-Sep-67 - AESTE/T/RB 01-May-13 07-Nov-12 9717641035
KULWANT SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 08-Mar-63 - AESTE/P/UMB 29-Nov-21 29-Nov-21 9779239820
SATISH KUMAR JS B PROMOTEE 01-Jul-63 - AESTE/D&D/HQ08-Dec-21 22-Jun-16 9717630843
RAJESH KUMAR GUPTA JS B PROMOTEE 05-Jan-63 - ADSTE/ASR 01-Jul-21 06-Jan-16 9779232823
KULBHUSHAN JS B PROMOTEE 24-May-67 - ADSTE/PS/DLI 11-Sep-20 20-Jul-15 9717631823
SUBODH GUPTA JS B PROMOTEE 04-Oct-68 - AESTE/C/BSB 30-Nov-19 30-Nov-19 9794830817
D.V.SONI JS B PROMOTEE 30-May-65 - AESTE/C-II/TKJ 29-Oct-19 29-Oct-19 9717630858
DEEPAK VATS JS B PROMOTEE 24-Jul-72 - "AESTE/C/HQ 18-Jan-21 May-14 9717630842
HARJIT SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 06-Nov-69 - AESTE/NBD 03-Jan-22 22-Jan-20 7302716110
K.K.SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 20-Aug-67 - "ADSTE/NZM 24-Sep-18 04-Jul-13 9717631824
MOHD RASHID JS B PROMOTEE 01-Jul-68 - ADSTE/BE 09-Sep-19 09-Sep-19 9760534818
SUBODH KR MISHRA JS B PROMOTEE 09-Apr-83 - AESTE/P/LKO 11-Sep-19 11-Sep-19 9794830816
B.N.TRIPATHI JS B PROMOTEE 01-Feb-66 ADSTE/PRG 26-Oct-18 26-Oct-18 9794833804
M.K.SRIVASTAVA JS B PROMOTEE 05-Jul-70 - AESTE/P/LKO 14-Sep-18 14-Sep-18 9760530807
ANOOP MATHUR JS B PROMOTEE 03-Jun-68 ADSTE/T/UMB 11-Sep-19 11-Sep-19 9829539822
SUKHPAL SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 14-Jun-66 - AESTE/SPL/TKJ 05-Sep-18 05-Sep-18 9717630870
MUKESH KUMAR DOHARE JS B PROMOTEE 15-May-79- ADSTE/FD 27-Mar-19 27-Mar-19 9794833868
HAJARI LAL MEENA JS B PROMOTEE 15-Nov-72- AESTE/CONST/CW 04-Apr-19 04-Apr-19 9717630883
SURINDER KUMAR JS B PROMOTEE 21-Jun-67 - AESTE/P/UMB 10-Jun-19 06-Jun-19 9779230806
ANIL SHARMA JS B PROMOTEE 05-Feb-67 - ADSTE/HW 09-Aug-21 09-Aug-21 9760534831
A.K.CHATURVEDI JS B PROMOTEE 16-Jun-64- AESTE/NMO 03-Sep-19 03-Sep-19 9717637883
RAM MOHAN GARG JS B PROMOTEE 15-Apr-66 - AESTE/C-II/D&D 03-Sep-19 03-Sep-19 9717637892
DINESH CHAND JS B PROMOTEE 30-Jul-65 AESTE/SWS/GZB 28-Aug-19 28-Aug-19 9717630863
RAIMON KUJUR JS B PROMOTEE 12-Dec-73 - AESTE/P/LDH 27-Aug-19 27-Aug-19 9779230809
BAIDYA NATH YADAV JS B PROMOTEE 15-Oct-74 - AESTE/P/HQ 01-Sep-20 04-Sep-19 9717638829
JANARDAN SINGH KUSHWAHA JS B PROMOTEE 04-Mar-68 - AESTE/C-II/PS 03-Sep-19 03-Sep-19 9717630873
SRINIWAS SHARMA JS B PROMOTEE 01-Mar-69 - AESTE/P-I/SPL/TKJ 29-Aug-19 29-Aug-19 9717637837
CHET RAM MEENA JS B PROMOTEE 15-Sep-80 - ADSTE/ROK 23-Sep-20 23-Sep-20 9729531820
KULWANT RAI JS B PROMOTEE 07-Jul-65 - ADSTE/BTI 22-Nov-21 22-Nov-21 9779239820
R.S.PANDEY JS B PROMOTEE 08-Jan-63 - ADSTE/RBL 11-Sep-19 11-Sep-19 9794833803
K.S.SAJWAN JS B PROMOTEE 20-May-63 - AESTE/PRS 18-Sep-19 18-Sep-19 9717630857
R.P.SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 09-Nov-66 - ADSTE/PNP 06-Sep-19 06-Sep-19 9729531821
V.K.SINHA JS B PROMOTEE 26-Jun-65 - AESTE/P/MB 06-Aug-21 05-Sep-19 9760530824
R.P.SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 01-Jan-69 - AESTE/P/TW/DLI 04-Jun-21 04-Jun-21 9717637857
SHARIF AHMED JS B PROMOTEE 08-Dec-62 - AESTE/C-II/LKO 29-Oct-19 29-Oct-19 9760530833
SATYA PRAKASH JS B PROMOTEE 27-May-80 - AESTE/C/ PS/DLI 26-Sep-19 28-Sep-19 9717630881
RANANJAI PRATAP SINGH JS B PROMOTEE 15-Sep-71 - ADSTE/BSB 11-Sep-19 13-Sep-19 9794833805
ADARSH MISHRA JS B PROMOTEE 30-Jun-70 - ADSTE/MUT 01-Jun-21 01-Jun-21 9760531820
MANOJ SAINI JS B PROMOTEE 26-Dec-87 - ADSTE/RRI 10-Jun-21 10-Jun-21 9717631827


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