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All the Telecom policies are posted here in one of the suitable sub categories. This page is intended to disseminate various information about various Telecom policy decision taken in the Railway Board.

Policy Letters Issued in 2014

  1. Telecom Circular No. 1/2014 - Payment of proportionate OFC maintenance charges by Railways to RailTel.
  2. Corrigendum-II - Policy guidelines for retention of Mobile Handphone.RB/Tele/6/2010

Policy Letters Issued in 2013

  1. Telecom Circular No. 23/2013 - IP address scheme used for various service running on Railnet network.
  2. Telecom Circular No. 22/2013 - Condemnation (DS-8) of VHF Sets.
  3. Telecom Circular No. 21/2013 - Joint Proceedure Order (JPO) for Installation & Maintenance of Network connectivity for Parcel Management System over Indian Railways.
  4. Telecom Circular No. 20/2013 - Payment of lease charges for provision of STM-4 Bandwidth by Railways to RailTel.
  5. Telecom Circular No. 19/2013 - Provision of Satellite Phones in ART's.हिंदी अनुवाद
  6. Telecom Circular No. 18/2013 - Regarding procurement of 5W Walkie Talkie Sets.हिंदी अनुवाद
  7. Telecom Circular No. 17/2013 - Proceedure for undertaking digging work in the vicinity of Signaling, Electrical and Telecommunication Cable.हिंदी अनुवाद
  8. Telecom Circular No. 16/2013 - Regarding Communication between Drivers & Guards in Rajdhani/ Shatabdi type trains.Clarification हिंदी अनुवाद
  9. Telecom Circular No. 15/2013 - Frequency allocation of VHF set (Walkie - Talkie)of Track Machine operator.हिंदी अनुवाद
  10. Telecom Circular No. 14/2013 - Tariff for SMS Alerts. Clarification हिंदी अनुवाद
  11. Telecom Circular No. 13/2013 - Eliminating Elephant Mortalities due to train hits - VHF Communication between Station Master and Forest Officials.हिंदी अनुवाद
  12. Telecom Circular No. 12/2013 - Eliminating Elephant Mortalities due to train hits - VHF Communication between Station Master and Forest Officials.
  13. Telecom Circular No. 10/2013 - Report on most suitable Protection Scheme for Control Communication Circuits including SCADA.हिंदी अनुवाद
  14. Telecom Circular No. 9/2013 - Proportionate maintenance charges payable to RCIL for the year 2012-13.हिंदी अनुवाद
  15. Telecom Circular No. 8/2013 - Extention of Railnet mail facility to various Railway Undertakings.
  16. Telecom Circular No. 7/2013 - VHF sets-MIL Standard Compliance.
  17. Telecom Circular No. 6/2013 - Revision of Internet Bandwidth Tariff.
  18. Telecom Circular No. 5/2013 - Consolidated instructions for provision of Display Board for various Passenger Information System.Traffic Circular
  19. Telecom Circular No. 4/2013 - Utilisation of Quad cable for provision of connectivity between station to mid-section and station to station using phantom arrangements on VF grade primary circuits.
  20. Telecom Circular No. 3/2013 - Phasing out of Microwave/UHF on Indian Railways.हिंदी अनुवाद
  21. Telecom Circular No. 2/2013 - CUG facility to office bearers of AIOBCREF and AISC/STEA. हिंदी अनुवाद
  22. Telecom Circular No. 1/2013 - CUG facility to PREM Group Constituents.हिंदी अनुवाद

Policy Letters Issued in 2012

  1. Telecom Circular No. 15/2012 - Precaution for avoiding fire hazards and resposibility of SSE/Tele.
  2. Telecom Circular No. 14/2012 - Joint Proceedure Order (JPO) for use of CUG/Personal Mobile Telephones by Loco Pilots/Assistant Loco Pilots/Motormen and Guards.
  3. Telecom Circular No. 13/2012 - Payment of proportionate OFC maintenance charges to RailTel.
  4. Telecom Circular No. 12/2012 - Railways Voice Network Modernisation. हिंदी अनुवाद
  5. Telecom Circular No. 11/2012 - GSM (R) implementation scheme.
  6. Telecom Circular No. 10/2012 - Policy guidelines for composite quad cable.
  7. Telecom Circular No. 9/2012 - Policy on payment of spectrum charges to Ministry of Communication. हिंदी अनुवाद
  8. Telecom Circular No. 8/2012 - Provision of CUG Mobile phones to AC (Technicians)- Clarification regarding rental. हिंदी अनुवाद
  9. Telecom Circular No. 7/2012 - Value added services like of 3G, Blackberry etc. for Members of PAC and PSC. हिंदी अनुवाद
  10. Telecom Circular No. 6/2012 - Payment of lease charges for provision of of STM 4 bandwidth by Railways to RailTel.हिंदी अनुवाद
  11. Telecom Circular No. 5/2012 - Fixation of port charges to be paid by Railways to RailTel for MPLS VPN usage. हिंदी अनुवाद
  12. Telecom Circular No. 4/2012 - Introduction of 3G service on CUG connections of GMs and DRMs. हिंदी अनुवाद
  13. Telecom Circular No. 3/2012 - Hiring of Telecom Channels in Railways. हिंदी अनुवाद
  14. Telecom Circular No. 2/2012 - Regarding CUG usage charges of Running Staff (Loco pilot & Guards) हिंदी अनुवाद
  15. Telecom Circular No. 1/2012 - Regarding broadband services in offices where Railnet is not available. हिंदी अनुवाद

Policy Letters Issued in 2011

  1. Telecom Circular No.:13/2011 - Revised call charges under new CUG scheme.
  2. RB/Tele/12/2011 - Provision of CUG Phones on Indian Railways.
  3. Telecom Circular No.:11/2011 - Exclusive frequency for use of Walkie-Talkie VHF sets by the ASMs and Drivers/ Guards.
  4. Telecom Circular No.:10/2011 - Regarding Broadband Connection in Office of Officers in JAG or above where Railnet connectivity is not available.
  5. RB/Tele/9/2011 - Service Tax on Fixed Charges for the CUG scheme-clarification.
  6. RB/Tele/8/2011 - Provision of official PSTN telephones in the residence of officers. हिंदी अनुवाद
  7. RB/Tele/7/2011 - Provision of Railnet connection.हिंदी अनुवाद
  8. RB/Tele/6/2011 - Hiring of Telecom Channels in Railways. हिंदी अनुवाद
  9. RB/Tele/5/2011 - Email ID for Officers in domain. हिंदी अनुवाद
  10. RB/Tele/4/2011 - Instructions on using only Railnet network for e-mail services and IP-based audio/video communication services for official purposes to prevent interception of official communication by outside agencies. हिंदी अनुवाद
  11. RB/Tele/3/2011 - Regarding extension of Railnet in various Railway Undertakings/RLDA/CRIS etc. हिंदी अनुवाद
  12. RB/Tele/2/2011 - Mobile phone facility - During Deputation Abroad. हिंदी अनुवाद
  13. RB/Tele/1/2011 - Provision of CUG Phones on Indian Railways. (CUG's are post Specific)

Policy Letters Issued in 2010

  1. RB/Tele/7/2010 - Provision of CUG Mobile phone to AC Coach Inspector (ACCI)
  2. RB/Tele/6/2010 - Policy guidelines for retention of Mobile handphone.Corrigendum-II
  3. RB/Tele/5/2010 - Provision of Cordless phones at the residence of SG/JAG officers.
  4. RB/Tele/4/2010 - Proportionate fibre Maintenance Charges payable to RCIL for the year 2009-10
  5. RB/Tele/3/2010 - Use of Quad Cable for Telecom & Signaling applications.
  6. RB/Tele/2/2010 - Policy for Broadband at residence of Railway Officers
  7. RB/Tele/1/2010 - Fixation of rates for OFC maintenance charges to RailTel Corporation for 2008-09.

Policy Letters Issued in 2009

  1. RB/Tele/3/2009 - Proportionate fiber maintenance charges payable to RCIL for 2006-07 and 2007-08.
  2. RB/Tele/2/2009 - CUG facility while on long duration Training.
  3. RB/Tele/1/2009 - Policy for Broadband.

Policy Letters Issued in 2008

  1. RB/Tele/4/2008 - Fixation of STM-4 Bandwidth Rates
  2. RB/Tele/3/2008 - Provision of CUG Phones on Indian Railways
  3. RB/Tele/2/2008 - Fixation of STM-4 Bandwidth Rates
  4. RB/Tele/1/2008 - Fixation of Internet Bandwidth Rates

Policy Letters Issued in 2007

  1. RB/Tele/6/2007 - Execution of works by RailTel-Review of payment terms
  2. RB/Tele/5/2007 - Recommendation of High level Committee on Disaster Management
  3. RB/Tele/4/2007 - Enlarging the scope of CUG Phones System - Means of Expenditure Neutrality.
  4. RB/Tele/3/2007 - Guidelines for utilizing Walkie-Talkie/VHF sets on Indian Railway
  5. RB/Tele/2/2007 - Payment of Revenue Share & Maintenance Charges by RailTel
  6. RB/Tele/1/2007 - Policy for Broadband

Policy Letters Issued in 2006

  1. RB/Tele/5/2006 - Policy for laying Quad Cable along with OFC
  2. RB/Tele/4/2006 - Enlarging the scope of CUG phones
  3. RB/Tele/3/2006 - Inspection of Telecom items as per TEC specification
  4. RB/Tele/2/2006 - Laying of OFC cable in the duct
  5. RB/Tele/1/2006 - Introduction of Optical Fibre Communication (OFC) System-Reorganization of Telecom Cadre

Policy Letters Issued in 2005

  1. RB/Tele/2/2005 - Provision of Phone at stations/Locations-Fixed WLL Telephones

Policy Letters Issued in 2004

  1. RB/Tele/17/2004 - Provision of MTNL/BSNL telephones and Internet facility for Principals of Trainning Centres on Indian Railways
  2. RB/Tele/16/2004 - Provision of phones at Stations/Locations - Fixed WLL Telephones (FWT)
  3. RB/Tele/15/2004 - Yardsticks for maintenance of OFC and Quad Cable and their related equipments on Indian Railways
  4. RB/Tele/14/2004 - Rationalization of STD scheme on Indian Railways - Setting up of Directory Enquiry Services
  5. RB/Tele/12/2004 - Codal life of Telecom and IT Equipments
  6. RB/Tele/11/2004 - Provision of Mobile Phones under WLL scheme of MTNL/BSNL - classifications thereof
  7. RB/Tele/10/2004 - Provision of CUG Phones - Mechanical Workshops
  8. RB/Tele/9/2004 - Standardisation of Brake Van equipment for coaching trains - Portable Control Telephones
  9. RB/Tele/8/2004 - Provision of Mobile Phones - Under WLL scheme of MTNL/BSNL
  10. RB/Tele/7/2004 - Provision of BSNL Cell-One Phones - Officers staying outside Railway Colonies
  11. RB/Tele/6/2004 - Accessibility of Railway Enquiry Services (131,132,133.....) on NSD Network
  12. RB/Tele/5/2004 - Provision of Engineering Control
  13. RB/Tele/4/2004 - Provision of Cellular Phones to officers of the commission of Railway Safety
  14. RB/Tele/3/2004 - Provision of Cellular Phones - Bills exceeding Rs. 1500/- P.M.
  15. RB/Tele/2/2004 - Provision of DTMF based calling system for Gate Communication
  16. RB/Tele/1/2004 - Specific DOT Telephone Number for Railway Accident Information (1072)

Policy Letters Issued in 2003

  1. RB/Tele/17/2003 - Provision of Voice Recorders in Control Offices
  2. RB/Tele/16/2003 - Provision of Cellular Phones
  3. RB/Tele/15/2003 - Testing of Fibres and procurement of Instrumentation for maintenence of OFC based communication system
  4. RB/Tele/14/2003 - Provision of additional Closed User Group (CUG) Phones
  5. RB/Tele/13/2003 - Placement of Power Supply Equipment by RailTel
  6. RB/Tele/12/2003 - Provision of one PC along with High speed Satellite modem (for Internet Connectivity)
  7. RB/Tele/11/2003 - Provision of 25W VHF sets on stations
  8. RB/Tele/10/2003 - Standardization of freq for 25W VHF sets provided at stations and 5W Walkie-Talkie sets provided to Driver & Guards
  9. RB/Tele/9/2003 - Provision of Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) Exchange having 50-line capacity
  10. RB/Tele/8/2003 - Periodic testing, repair/replacement of the PCP/PECP sets & Provision of Control Phone sockets at crew lobby
  11. RB/Tele/6/2003 - Provision of Walkie-Talkie & 25W VHF sets in ARTs of Divisional Headquarters
  12. RB/Tele/5/2003 - Hiring of Cellular Phones for passenger train accidents
  13. RB/Tele/4/2003 - Operation/Formation of Cipher cells in New Zones
  14. RB/Tele/3/2003 - Provision of ISD facilityon BSNL/MTNL telephone in Control Offices
  15. RB/Tele/2/2003 - Extension of Communication System on running trains to Jan Shatabdi Express
  16. RB/Tele/1/2003 - Provision of Cellular Phones

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