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Policy Letters of other Directorates


  1. Passenger Amenities Items - Comprehensive instructions for provision of Passenger Amenities at Station. Lt.No.2012/LM(PA)/3/5 Dtd. 11.09.2012


  1. Delegation of Power - Delegation of Powers on Information Technology related matters. Lt.No.2006/OTH/Delegation of Power/36-Pt. Dtd. 11.09.2012
  1. Codal Life - Revised Codal Life of Assets Lt.No.2002/AC-II/2/10/Vol.II Dtd. 22.08.2012
  1. Digital Signature Certificate - Issue of Digital Signature Certificate by NIC for Railway Personnel Lt No. 2007/RBCC/5/6/TenderPortal Dtd. 06.06.2012
  1. Codal Life - Revised Codal Life of Assets Lt.No.2002/AC-II/2/10/ Vol.II Dtd. 15.03.2012
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