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Telecom Directorate Instructions

Letters of 2016

  1. Presentation on Railtel - Present & Future Roadmap during CSTE's Conference 27.11.2016 CR Railnet WR RailnetRCIL Railnet
  2. Video Conferencing Provision of video conferencing system at 1000 A1, A, B & C category stations on Indian Railways. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/3(7)2 Dtd. 27/07/2016
  3. Video Conferencing Provision of video conferencing facility for DRMs, GMs of PUs and DG/RDSO at 58 locations. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(10)2 Dtd. 22/06/2016
  4. CCTV Tatkal Counter Budget Initiative - CCTV coverage at Tatkal counters. Lt.No. 2016/Tele/3(2)1 Dtd. 10/06/2016
  5. Railnet Upgradation of Railnet - Policy. Lt.No. 2009/Tele/TW/1 Dtd. 06/06/2016
  6. Video Conferencing Sanction of works for provision of Video Surveillance. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/3(7)2 Dtd. 09/05/2016
  7. Video Conferencing Provision of Video Conferencing facility for HQ of CORE,NFR (Construction)and at all the 17 Zonal Railways. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(10)/2 Data Network Dtd. 31/03/2016
  8. ME and ML - Revised list of Directorate in Board's office working under Board (ME and ML)Lt.No. 2016/O&M/8/1 Dtd. 17/03/2016
  9. Email Policy - Implementation of "email policy of Government of India". Lt.No. 2010/Tele/TW/1 Data Network Dtd. 05/02/2016
  10. OFC Assets - OFC Assets created by Railway PSUs against sanctioned Pink Book works.Lt.No. 2005/Tele/RCIL/1 Dtd. 05/01/2016

Letters of 2015

  1. Letters to Railway Board - Addressing of letters to Railway Board. Lt.No. 2015/AM(Tele)/Misc. Dtd. 16.11.2015.
  2. Analysis of Calls of Train Crew - Analysis of calls to and from CUG SIM's allotted to Train Crew between Sign ON and Sign OFF. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/2(1)/1/Pt. Dtd. 12.10.2015.
  3. Satellite Service - Satellite Service - Roadmap for establishment of gateway in India. Lt.No. 2012/Tele/11(4)/1 Dtd. 05/10.08.2015.
  4. Bulk SMS Plan 'F' - Provision of Bulk SMS in the new CUG contract under Plan 'F'. Lt.No. 2013/Tele/11(2)/1 Dtd. 23.07.2015.
  5. Security Helpline - Change of category of "182" All India Security Helpline.Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 12.05.2015
  6. Schedule of Rates - Model schedule of rates wiki:UpLoads:SOR_Tele..pdf SOR for Telecom items . Lt.No. 2010/Tele/15(3)/2 Dtd. 07.04.2015.
  7. Telecom Equipments - System Improvement regarding elaborating the issues of Compatibility, performance of the Telecom equipments in the tender documents.Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(18)/3 Dtd. 10.02.2015.
  8. Helpline Number - Single 3-digit All India Helpline Nomber (Excluding Security Helpline). Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 04.02.2015
  9. Security Helpline - All India Security Helpline Number 182 allotted for Indian Railways.Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 22.01.2015
  10. Wi-Fi At Station - Provision of Wi-Fi facility at all 'A' category Railway Stations. Lt.No. 2008/Tele/RCIL/1/Wi-Fi/Pt. Dtd. 16.01.2015

Letters of 2014

  1. Security Helpline - Three Digit No. '182' for All India Security Helpline. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 29.12.2014
  2. CUG IR - Annexure F & G
  3. Security Helpline - Prevention of crime against Railway Passengers. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 19.11.2014
  4. Security Helpline - Security Helpline number 1322. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 16.10.2014
  5. Video Conferencing - Design, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Video Conferencing System between Railway Board and Zonal Railways. Lt No.2011/Tele/15(10)2 Pt. Dtd. 22.09.2014
  6. Security Helpline - Integration of Short Code 1322 for Indian Railway Security helpline services. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 12.09.2014
  7. Security Helpline - Setting up of Security Helpline Number 1322. Lt No.2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 27.08.2014
  8. Use of Mobile - Precautions to be taken while using Mobile Phone during International Travel. Lt No.2010/Tele/11(2)/2 Dtd. 03.04.2014
  9. Wireless PA System - Specification for 'On Board Wireless PS System'. Lt No.2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Pt. Dtd. 10.01.2014

Letters of 2013

  1. GSM Sets for Driver & Guard (MTRC) - Permission for use of ordinary GSM set for Driver & Guard Communication for MTRC Network in Grand Chord in East Central Railway. Lt No.2010/Tele/11(1)/1 Pt. Dtd. 12.12.2013.
  2. DOT Guidelines for Wi-Fi Services - Wi-Fi Internet facillity in trains and other Railway locations. Lt No.2010/Tele/WP/09-10/Multimedia/Pt.I Dtd. 07.10.2013.
  3. OFC Vigilance MIS - Railway Vigilance Network. Lt.No.2010/VC/Vigilance MIS Project/4 Dtd. 23.09.2013
  4. OFC Maintenance - OFC Maintenance blocks by RCIL. Lt.No.2010/Tele/3(5)/1 Dtd. 23.08.2013
  5. Driver Guard Communication - Regarding communication between Drivers & Guards in Rajdhani/ Shatabdi type trains - Clarification. Lt.No.2010/Tele/11(3)/1 Dtd. 21.08.2013
  6. Emergency Socket - Regarding Emergency Socket Box made of FRP material. Lt.No.2006/Tele/TC/2 Dtd. 13.08.2013
  7. Telecom Manual - Indian Railway Telecom Manual. Lt.No.2007/Tele/TCM/1 Dtd. 25.06.2013
  8. Video Telephony - Regarding ISDN connectionfor Video Telephony. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 pt Dtd. 25.06.2013
  9. Satellite Phone - Regarding Satellite Phone service for Railways for management of Railway Accidents / Disasters. Lt. No. 2012/Tele/11(4)1 Dtd. 18.06.2013
  10. FOIS - Requirement of Datacom Equipment for Commissioning of 53 CMS Lobbies over Western Railway. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/FOIS/Progress Dtd. 18.06.2013
  11. VHF sets MIL Standard - VHF sets - MIL Standard Compliance. Lt. No. 2013/Tele/11(3)/2 Dtd. 17.06.2013
  12. Video Conferencing - Video Conferencing Facility at IRIEEN and IRISET. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 Dtd. 10.06.2013
  13. Video Phone - Provision of Video Phone at IRIEEN. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 Dtd. 10.06.2013
  14. Control Failures - Control Failures on Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2013/Tele/15(10)/1 Dtd. 10.06.2013
  15. Cab Radio (IRPMU) - Provision of Cab Radio for Locomotives for MTRC Works (IRPMU). Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TP/7 pt Dtd. 20.05.2013
  16. Cab Radio - Provision of Cab Radio for Locomotives for MTRC Works. Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TP/7 pt Dtd. 20.05.2013
  17. OFC - Taking over of 8 fibres on OFC. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 14.05.2013
  18. Satellite Phone - Re-positioning of Satellite phones. Lt. No. 2012/Tele/11(4)/1 Dtd. 10.04.2013
  19. ISS Work (Samjhauta Exp.) - Issues related to Cargo Security Screening for Samjhauta Express. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/WIP/ISS Dtd. 28.03.2013
  20. RailTel's Requirement for taking over 8 Fibre - RailTel's requirement of OFC in Branch Lines / Spur Routes and Remote Areas. Lt. No. 2012/Tele/6(3)/1 Dtd. 21.01.2013
  21. CUG for RDSO Staff - Enlarging the scope of CUG facility to provide mobile connection to Supervisory staff of RDSO. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/1 Dtd. 16.01.2013
  22. TCSC 2012 - recommendation of 37th Telecom Standard Committee Meeting held on 23rd & 24th November, 2012 at secundrabad. Lt.No.2011/Tele/9(2)/1 Dtd. 10.01.2013.

Letters of 2012

  1. OFC Equipt - Synchronization of OFC equipment. Lt.No.2012/Tele/Misc Dtd. 11.12.2012
  2. Telecom Manual - Indian Railway Telecom Manual. Lt.No.2007/Tele/TCM/1 Dtd. 05.12.2012
  3. MTRC Working Group - Working Group on Mobile Radio Communication (MTRC). Lt.No.2012/Tele/11(12)/1 Dtd. 20.11.2012
  4. Railnet Upgradation - Transfer of Work of "Up-gradation of Railnet by providing centralized mailing system and security system at data centersand Railnet.locations. Lt.No.2011/Tele/6(3)/7 Dtd. 16.11.2012
  5. CUG meeting Minutes (Airtel) - Record of meeting held on 09/11/12 with M/s Airtel regarding CUG matters in the chamber of AM/Telecom in Railway Board. Lt.No.2010/Tele/11(2)/1 Dtd. 09.11.2012
  6. BPAC on OFC - Issues with BPAC working on OF cable. Lt.No.2003/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 17.09.2012
  7. Passenger Amenities Items - Comprehensive instructions for provision of Passenger Amenities at Station.Lt.No.2012/LM(PA)/3/5 Dtd. 11.09.2012
  8. Use of Phantom arrangement - Builing up of Super-imposed Datacom and Auto/Magneto circuits through phantom arrangements on any full quad already being used for VF grade primary circuits for extending data circuit/auto/magneto phone.Lt.No.2012/Tele/11(10)/1 Dtd. 16.08.2012
  9. Uniform Numbering Scheme MTRC Amdt 1.0 Version 1.0 - Uniform Numbering Scheme for Mobile Train Radio Communication network on Indian Railways.Lt.No.STT/WL/MTRC/503/General/Vol.III Dtd. 03.08.2012 -For Version 1.0 Click Here
  10. Yardsticks 2012-13 - Yardsticks for Gazetted staff in Construction Projects in the year 2012-13. Lt.No.2012/E&R/3/1(1) Dtd. 28.05.2012
  11. Exch 2012 - Provision of KTS Exchange at Railway Board. Lt.No.2012/Tele/15(16)/4 Dtd. 07.05.2012
  12. Laying OFC & QC 2012 - Laying practice of OFC and quad cable. Lt.No.2006/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 03.05.2012
  13. SCNP 2012 - Allocation of 9 MHz Ku-band capacity in Transponder No. 6 on INSAT-4CR to Indian Railways. Lt.No.SCNP/F.631/12 Dtd. 27.04.2012
  14. ISS 2012 - Inspection of ISS equipment. Lt.No.2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 26.04.2012
  15. Emergency Socket - Regarding Emergency Socket Box made of FRP material. Lt.No.2006/Tele/TC/2 Dtd. 02.04.2012
  16. OFC Maintenance 2012 - Maintenance of OFC system for automatic signalling. Lt.No.2010/Tele/3(5)/1 Dtd. 26.03.2012
  17. WPC 2012 - Royalty charges for Assignments of Frequencies to 'Captive Users' (users being charged on farmula basis) including all Government Users, involving Single Channel Operation for fixed/land/land Mobile Stations/terrestrial Broadcasting. Lt.No.P-11014/34/2009-PP(1)Dtd. 22.03.2012
  18. Fibre Maintenance - Proportionate fibre maintenance charges payable to RCIL for the year 2011-12. Lt. No.2011/Tele/6(3)/5 Dtd. 07.03.12
  19. Tele Directory RB - Updation of Railway Board Telephone Directory. Lt.No.2012/Tele/TNL/5(MTD). Dtd. 06.03.2012
  20. VHF License - Validity of license for hand held VHF sets. Lt.No.2004/Tele/WL/2/Misc. Dtd. 03.02.2012
  21. CRB DO - CRB DO to Defence Secretary. Lt.No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 Dtd. 06.02.2012
  22. Instructions for IPDSLAM Work - Regarding implementation of the work of "Extension of Railnet to remote office locations and residential colony on Indian Railways". Lt.No.2000/Tele/TW/1/Railnet Works/Pt. Dtd. 24.1.12

Letters of 2011

  1. CUG IR (LOA) - Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for GSM Mobile Connection Under CUG over IR.
  2. IPv6 Adoption - Adoption of IPv6 network on Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(7)/1 Dtd. 30.12.2011
  3. IPv6 Adoption - IPv6 Adoption on Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(7)/1 Dtd. 24.10.2011
  4. DOT Guidelines (RE) - Guidelines from DOT for REPC Clearance. Lt. No. 96/RE/141/8 Pt.1 Dtd. 21.10.2011
  5. CUG for Non Gazetted - CUG mobile SIM to staff in Railway Board while transfer. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 27.09.2011
  6. BSNL Mobile - Use of BSNL mobile & landline phone as emergency communication in Naupada-Gunupur section of East Coast Railway. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(12)/1 Dtd.19.09.2011
  7. TCSC 2011 - Recommendation of 36th Telecom Standard Committee meeting held on 12th & 13th May, 2011 at Bangalore. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/9(2)/1 Dtd. 16.09.2011
  8. RCIL Fibre - Proportionate fibre maintenance charges payable to RCIL for the year 2010-11. Lt.No. 2007/Tele/RCIL/2 Pt. Dtd. 14.09.2011
  9. Control Communication - Control Communication System. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 07.09.2011
  10. IPv6 Adoption - Nomination of Nodal Officers for IPv6 adoption on Indian Railways and organisations under Ministry of Railways. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(7)/1 Dtd. 05.09.2011
  11. E-Mail ID - Email ID for Officers in domain. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/TW/1/Data Network Dtd. 30.08.2011
  12. CUG IR - CUG Mobile Phone for Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/11(2)1 Dtd. 26.08.2011
  13. Minutes of Meeting - Minutes of Meeting with IRPMU and RailTel held in Railway Board on 28.07.2011
  14. Failure Reporting - Failure Reporting to Railway Board. Lt No. 2008/Tele/TC/1 Dtd. 27.07.2011
  15. CUG IR (Plan) - Submission of Revised Mobile CUG Plan. Dtd. 31.08.2011
  16. Exch 2011 - Guidelines for implementation of Asterisk on Indian Railways. Lt No. 2011/Tele/15(3)/3 Dtd. 25.07.2011
  17. IP Network 2011 - Introduction of New Transport Technology. Lt No. 2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 19.07.2011
  18. NGN 2011 - Allotment of STD code for connectivity to RailTel's CO's exchange to NGN Network. Lt No. 2010/Tele/6(3)/3/Pt. Dtd. 13.07.2011
  19. TCSC 2011 - Recommendation of 36th Telecom Standard Committee meeting held on 12th & 13th May, 2011 at Bangalore. Lt.No. 2011/Tele/9(2)/1 Dtd. 07.07.2011
  20. ISS 2011 - Inspection of Integrated Security System (ISS) Equipment Lt. No. 2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 04.07.2011
  21. Centralized Email - Centralization of Railways email service Lt. No. 2009/Tele/TW/1/RailNet Dtd. 12.05.2011
  22. WPC 2011 - Allocation of frequency by WPC for use of Railways. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl.Pt. Dtd. 10.05.2011
  23. IPDSLAM Work Guidelines - Regarding Work of "Extension of Railnet to remote office locations and residential colony on Indian Railways." Lt. No. 2000/Tele/TW/1/Railnet Works/Pt 1 dated 25.04.2011.

Letters of 2010

  1. L C Gate Telephone - Provision of independent telephonic communication with manned LC Gates of stations controlling multiple gates. Lt No.2010/Tele/11(11)/1 Dtd. 28.09.2010.
  2. Quad Cable 2010 - Procurement and Inspection of Quad cable jointing kit and accessories. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/11(10)/1 Dtd. 24.09.2010.
  3. VHF Battery - Replacement of Battery packs of the Walkie-Talkie sets used by Drivers & Guards. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/11(3)/1 Dtd. 19.08.2010 .
  4. FCT in ARTs - Recommendation of High level committee on Disaster Management(04 FCT in ART's). Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 04.06.2010
  5. CUG Audit Officer - CUG for Audit Officer. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/TN/1 Dtd. 19.05.2010
  6. MOU Document - Rly & RCIL - Memorandum of Understating. Lt. No. 2005/Tele/RCIL/1/Pt. Dtd. 15.04.2010
  7. CUG for Non Gazetted - Policy for CUG connection to non-gazetted staff in Railway Board. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 03.02.2010
  8. V-SAT for UTS - Provision of V-SAT terminals for UTS connectivity. Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TN/2/pt Dtd. 15.01.2010

Letters of 2009

  1. Wireless - Inter Station Wireless Backup System.. L No. 2008/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 25.05.2009.
  2. Satellite Phone - Use of Satellite Phones. L No. 99/Tele/TN/6 Dtd. 21.05.2009
  3. CUG Facility to RDSO Staff - Enlarging the scope of CUG facility to provide mobile connection to Supervisory staff of RDSO as on Zonal Railways. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/1 Dtd. 01.04.2009
  4. True Colour Display Board - Provision of True Colour Display Boards for Passenger Information System. Lt. No. 2003/Tele/TCM/1/Pt. Dtd. 30.03.2009.
  5. VSAT - Maintenance of VSAT Terminals. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/FOIS/Progress Dtd. 09.03.2009.
  6. VHF Battery - Battery for VHF based Walkie-Talkie sets. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WE/1/WT Dtd. 13.02.2009 .

Letters of 2008

  1. Call Limit CUG - Call Limit of CUG Phones. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/1/Pt.II Dtd. 07.08.2008
  2. IT Network - Guidelines for Design, Implementation, Management & Maintenance Data networks for PRS & UTS. Lt. No. 2007/Tele/WP/1 Dtd. 22.02.2008

Letters of 2007

  1. RCIL Works - Execution of RCIL works by RailTel - Review of payment terms. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/RCIL/4 Dtd. 10.12.2007
  2. Spectrum Charges Policy on payment of spectrum charges to Ministry of Communications. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl./Pt. Dtd. 17.10.07
  3. IT Network - Guidelines for Design, Implementation, Management & Maintenance Data networks for PRS/UTS. Lt. No. 2006/C&IS/WP 2007-08/AZR/UTS/10 Dtd. 03.09.2007
  4. RCIL Works - Execution of work by RailTel. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/RCIL/4 Dtd. 14.06.2007
  5. Guidelines for Railnet Network Guidelines for Railnet Network Lt. No. 2000/Tele/TW/1/Railnet Works Pt dt. 30.04.2007.
  6. Recommendation 97 (DM) - Recommendation on High Level Committee on Disaster Management - Recommendation No. 97 Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 27.04.2007
  7. IT Network - Design, Provision, installation, Maintenance & commissioning of telecom Data network for IT application.Lt. No. 2007/Tele/WP/1 Dtd. 05.03.2007
  8. IT Network - Design, Provision, installation, Maintenance & commissioning of telecom Data network for IT application.Lt. No. 2007/Tele/WP/1 Dtd. 12.02.2007

Letters of 2006

  1. Codal Life - Revised Codal Life for Assets Lt. No. 2002/AC-II/1/10 Dtd. 25.05.2006
  2. WPC 2006 - Guidelines for dealing with WPC. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl/Pt. Dtd. 03.04.2006

Letters of 2005

  1. Uniform Numbering Scheme MTRC - Uniform Numbering Scheme for Mobile Train Radio Communication network on Indian Railways.Lt.No.STT/WL/MTRC/503 Dtd.11.11.2005

Letters of 2004

  1. Quad Cable Procurement - Procurement of Quad Cable to IRS: TC 30/97. Lt. No. 2003/Tele/TP/1 DTd. 09.03.04
  2. JPO 2004 - Joint Procedure Order for undertaking digging work in the vicinity of underground Signalling, Electrical and Telecommunication Cables. Lt. No. 2004/Sig/G/7

Letters of 2003

  1. Quad Cable 2003 - Laying of Quad Cable along with OFC. Lt. No. 2003/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 08.08.2003

Letters of 2002

  1. Preventive Measures (Fire) - Fire accident in Cable Store at Vijayawada - RE Depot - Preventive Measures Regarding. Lt. No. 2000/Tele/TE/6 Dtd. 16.04.2002
  2. Speed Certificate from RDSO - Speed certificate for operation of Rajdhani Express and other similar trains with WDP2 class of locomotive between New Delhi - Bangalore. Lt. No. SD.POL 12.10 Dtd. 29.01.2002

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