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Telecom Directorate Instruction

Letters of 2021

SNFile No.SubjectDateSalient Features
182020/Tele/11(4)/1Procurement of BSNL Satellite Phones13.08.2021Satellite Phone
172007/Tele/TCM/1 Pt.Adoption of New Indian Railways Telecom Manual-202106.08.2021Telecom Manual-2021
162021/Tele/4(3)/13Updation of Railways and Railway Board Telephone Directory03.08.2021Telephone Directory
152021/Tele Dev/ Unified CommunicationGuidelines regarding use of Ethernet interfaces for PRS/UTS and other data communication circuits (FOIS, COIS & CMS)29.07.2021 PRS/UTS Ethernet Interface
142010/V(C)/VigilanceMIS/Proj/4Migration of Vigilance network to Railnet08.07.2021 Vigilance Network
132020/Tele/14(3)/1Merger of Helpline Numbers 138 & 182 to Rail-Madad Helpline 139 over Indian Railways05.07.2021 Rail Madad Helpline
122021/Tele/15(10)/3Monsoon Precautions for Telecom Systems 26.06.2021 Monsoon Precautions
112012/Tele/15(3)/2Provision of Clock & PA System15.06.2021 Clock & PA System
102021/Tele/TW/1 WebsiteProvision of updated Digitized Cable Route Plans on divisional websites 25.05.2021 Digitized Cable Route Plans
92021/Tele Dev/ Review of Telecom WorksTargets for Telecom Works - FY 2021-2211.05.2021Telecom Works Targets
82021/Tele Dev/ Review of Telecom WorksOFC and Quad Cable Target Vs Progress for 202007.05.2021Target Vs Progress
72020/Tele Dev/CCTV ProjectProvision of Video Surveillance System at Station under SR, SECR, SWR & WCR02.03.2021Provision of VSS
62020/Tele Dev/eOffice ImplementationImplementation of e-Office over Indian Railway02.03.2021eOffice Ph 1,2,3
52020/Tele Dev/CCTV ProjectProvision of Video Surveillance System at Station at NFR27.01.2021VSS NFR
425020/1/2020-TeleProvision of VPN Connections for access of eOffice in Zonal Railway27.01.2021VPN for eOffice
3B-25011/1/2015-C&ISMaintenance and replacement of Datacom equipments of FOIS & Other IT application network20.01.2021Datacom Equipment Maintenance
22020/Tele Dev/ e-office phase-3Detailed Estimate for eOffice application for Zonal Railways (Phase-3)18.01.2021Detailed Estimate eOffice Ph-3
12020/Tele/14(3)/1Integration of ERSS with Railway emergency services - reg15.01.2021Helpline 139

Letters of 2020

SNFile No.SubjectDateSalient Features
192020/Tele/22(1)/20 Pt.Numbering Scheme for Video Phones for Indian Railways24.11.2020Video Phone Numbering Scheme
182020/Tele/15(18)/6Repair maintenance by Railways in respect of CCTV cameras installed at Chitpur Rail immigration check post and similar other Rail immigration check posts.19.11.2020CCTV Maintenance
172020/Tele/9(1)/1RDSO controlled Telecom items proposal for delisting17.11.2020Telecom Items delisting RDSO
162020/Tele Dev/ Implementation of LTEImplementation of LTE-R on Indian Railways22.10.2020Implementation LTE-R
152020/Tele Dev/CCTV ProjectProvision of IP Based VSS at Stations under Nirbhaya Fund13.10.2020VSS Project
142020/Tele/TW/1 Data NetworkInstallation of SSL Certification in all Government Website for Attchment1 click here & for Attachment 2 click here05.10.2020Installation of SSL Certificate
132020/Tele Dev/ e-office phase-3Implementation of e-Office application for Zonal Railways (Phase-3) 09.09.2020 E-office (Ph3) (Abstract Estimate)
122020/Tele Dev/ e-office phase-3Implementation of e-Office application for Zonal Railways (Phase-3) 08.09.2020 E-office (Phase 3)
112020/Tele Dev/ Wi-Fi Facillity/stnsProvision of Wi-Fi facility through VPN solution at stations by M/s Tata Trust for List of Stations Click here03/04.09.2020 Wi-Fi at Stations
102020/TeleDev/CCTV ProjectsProvision of Civil and Electrical Works for Video Surveillance System (VSS) at Stations. for MoU Click here & for Detailed Estimate click here09.07.2020 Civil & Electrical Works for VSS
92020/Tele/12(1)/1Issue of Plan 'D' CUG SIMs to Zonal Railways 15.06.2020 Plan 'D' CUG SIMs
82010/Tele/3(7)/2Targets for Telecom Works - FY 2020-21 22.04.2020 Targets 2020-21
72017/Tele/3(8)1 Pt.1Provision of Video Recording at Stations Master Room/Panel Rooms and Relay Roos20.04.2020 Video Recording
62010/Tele/3(7)/2Approval of works under sanctioned Umbrella works of Pink Book 2019-20 under Plan Head- Umbrella Works
52010/Tele/3(7)/2Approval of works under sanctioned Umbrella works vide item no. 92 of Pink Book 2019-20 under Plan Head- Umbrella Works
42019/Tele-Dev/e-office (Ph-2)Implementation of e-Office for Zonal Railways (Phase -2).12.02.2020 e-Office Implemetation
32010/Tele/3(7)/23rd Quarter Progress of OFC and Quad Cable for FY 2019- Progress 3rd Quarter
22020/TeleDev/InnovationDetecting faulty sleeper and glued joints using Cable Route Locator. 09.01.2020 Detecting faulty sleeper and glued joints
12019/Tele/TW/1 Data NetworkRegarding creation of Delegate Admin Account - NIC 06.01.2020 Delegate Admin

Letters of 2019

SNFile No.SubjectDateSalient Features
292010/Tele/9(1)/1 Pt.1Renew of specification of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) and Fibre Distribution Management System. 31.12.2019 Specs. of OFC & FDM System
282010/Tele/14(3)/1Integrated Railway Helpline (139) & Rail Madad 30.12.2019 Integration of Helpline
272010/Tele/11(3)/1Procurement of VHF Sets Improvement in Quality 11.12.2019 Procurement of VHF Sets
262019/Tele/Dev/e-office (Ph-2)Implementation of e-office for Zonal Railways (Ph-2) 02.12.2019 Implementation of e-office (Phase-2)
252019/Tele-Dev/ Wi-Fi Facillity/stnsMaintenance of Wi-Fi Facillity at 4791 stations by M/s.Tata Trust. For Contract click here26.11.2019 Maintenance of Wi-Fi (STNs)
242019/Tele/Dev/e-office (Ph-2)Implementation of e-office for Zonal Railways (Ph-2) 20.11.2019 Implementation of e-office (Phase-2)
232019/Tele/3(2)/2 (PA System)Provision of Minimum Essential Amenities at Stations - Telecom Items 11.11.2019 Provision of MEA at Stations
222015/Tele/15(18)/4Public Procurement(Preference to Make in India) order - 2017- Notification of Telecom Products Service or Works - regarding 31.10.2019 Public Procurement (Preferences Make in India) Order,2017
212019/Tele/15(18)/4 Pt.Restrictive and discriminatory condition against the local supplier in Violation of Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order, 2017 - Regarding. 30.09.2019 Violation of Public Procurement (Preferences Make in India) Order,2017
202018/Tele/3(8)/1Provision of Video Surveillance System at 983 stations under Nirbhaya Funds 30.09.2019 VSS at 983 Stns under Nirbhaya Fund
192011/Tele/6(3)/4Record Note of discussions of the meetng in connection with Wi-Fi Roll out at Stations dated 19.09.2019 27.09.2019 Wi-Fi Roll out at Stations
182019/Tele Dev/ Fire AlarmProvision of Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System in Telecom Installations. 27.07.2019 Fire Alarm at Telecom Installations
172019/Sig/WP/IR/1Signal & Telecom works proposal in WP 2019-20 under PH-33 & PH-29 15.07.2019 Signal & Telecom works proposal
162018/Tele/6(4)/3 Pt.Making more stations feasible under the provision of Wi-Fi facillity at 4791 stations by Ms Tata Trust 12.07.2019Wi-Fi at Stations
152010/Tele/11(1)/1 Pt.Execution of Mobile Train Radio Communication System (MTRC) on GSM-R over Indian Railways. 25.06.2019Execution of MTRC over IR
142019/Tele/12(1)/1Record Note of discussions of the meetng regarding improvement of CUG Mobile Network coverage over Indian Railways. 14.06.2019Improvement of CUG Mobile Network coverage
132019/Tele/6(3)/4Record Note of discussions of the meetng in connection with maintenance and handover OFC over North Frontier Railway (NFR) at Railway Board on 12.06.2019. 12.06.2019Maintenance and handover OFC over NFR
122019/Tele/12(1)/1Provision of free 200 SMS/dayper SIM on CUG numbers 11.06.2019Free 200 SMS/dayper SIM on CUG numbers
112019/Tele/6(3)/4Record Note of discussions of the meeting in connection with maintenance and handover OFC over North Frontier Railway (NFR) at Railway Board on 31.05.2019 03.06.2019Minutes of Meeting OFC Handover to NFR
102018/Tele/12(1)/2Permission for procurement of BSNL Satellite Phones 28.05.2019Satellite phone Procurement orders for NFR & WR
92018/Tele/12(1)/2Nomination of Single Point of Contact for execution of MoU for Wi-Fi20.05.2019-
82018/Tele/12(1)/2Revised OFC and Quad cable targets for FY 2019-2017.05.2019Revised OFC and Quad cable targets
72019/Tele/6(3)/4Record Note of discussions of the meetng in connection with provision of Wi-Fi facility at 4791 Railway Stations by Tata Trust.17.05.2019Minutes of Meeting
62010/Tele/14(3)/1Integration of Railway Helpline No. 13917.05.2019 Integration of Railway Helpline No. 139
52008/Tele/6(4)/3Provision of Power Supply for Wi-Fi facility at 4791 Railway Stations14.05.2019Provision of Power Supply for Wi-Fi facility at 4791 Railway Stations
42018/Tele/12(1)/2Provision of Minimum Essential Amenities at Stations-Telecom Items29.04.2019-
32019/Tele Dev/VSATRecord Note of discussions of the meeting in connection with maintenance of VSAT HUB and VSAT's provided over Indian Railways taken by AM/Tele on 05.04.2019.12.04.2019Minutes of Meeting regarding maintenance of VSAT HUB & VSAT
22010/Tele/8(7)/2OFC and Quad cable targets for FY 2019-2010.04.2019OFC & Quad Cable Targets
12018/Tele/12(1)/2Minutes of meeting held on 18.03.2019 in railway Board for providing Wi-Fi at 4791 Railway Stations by Tata Trust26.03.2019Minutes of Meeting

Letters of 2018

  1. VHF Sets Streamlining: Procurement, Distribution, Maintenance & condemnation of hand held VHF (Walkie-Talkie) sets over IR. Lt.No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/VHF Dtd. 15/11/2018
  2. Make in India Public Procurement (preference to make in India), order 2017. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(18)/4 Dtd. 10/09/2018
  3. ISS on IR Integrated Security System on IR - Procurement and Maintenance of Equipments. Lt.No. 2017/Tele/12(1)/2 Dtd. 16/07/2018
  4. CUG Extension CUG scheme Extension. Lt.No. 2017/Tele/11(2)/1 Dtd. 23/04/2018
  5. Electricity for Kiosk & Wi-Fi System Provision of Electricity for running the Kiosk and Wi-Fi System at Rural Stations on D&E routes at "actual charges basis". Lt.No. 2017/Tele/6(4)/2 Dtd. 31/01/2018

Letters of 2017

  1. Inspection VSS Inspection pertaining to Video Surveillance System (VSS) being implemented on Indian Railways.Lt.No. 2017/Tele/3(8)/1 Dtd. 13/12/2017
  2. CCTV Cameras Provision of CCTV Cameras at non-critical locations not pertaining to security in train operations.Lt.No. 2017/Tele/3(8)/1 Dtd. 28/11/2017
  3. Security Helpline Upgradation of Security Helpline-182. Lt.No. 2017/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 27/11/2017
  4. FCT for LC Gates Manning of LC Gates to eliminate unmanned LC Gates - Working method for telephonic communication.. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/11(11)/1 Pt. Dtd. 31/10/2017
  5. CUG for Safety Staff Provision of CUG SIMs to Safety Category Maintenance Staff. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/11(2)/2 Dtd. 21/09/2017
  6. CUG for Safety Staff Provision of CUG SIMs to Safety Category Maintenance Staff. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/11(2)/2 Dtd. 18/09/2017
  7. Satellite Phone Procurement of Satellite Phones and shifting of working to BSNL's Gateway. Lt.No. 2012/Tele/11(4)/1 Dtd. 28/08/2017
  8. CCTV PRS Provision of CCTV coverage at Passenger Reservation System (PRS) Counters. Lt.No. 2016/Tele/3(2)/1 Dtd. 12/06/2017
  9. GST Rates Notification of GST Rates on Good & Service. Lt.No. 2016/AC-II/6 Vol.II Dtd. 05/06/2017

Letters of 2016

  1. Video Surveillance Provision of video surveillance system at 1000 A1, A, B & C category stations on Indian Railways. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/3(7)2 Dtd. 27/07/2016
  2. Video Conferencing Provision of video conferencing facility for DRMs, GMs of PUs and DG/RDSO at 58 locations. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(10)2 Dtd. 22/06/2016
  3. CCTV Tatkal Counter Budget Initiative - CCTV coverage at Tatkal counters. Lt.No. 2016/Tele/3(2)1 Dtd. 10/06/2016
  4. Railnet Upgradation of Railnet - Policy. Lt.No. 2009/Tele/TW/1 Dtd. 06/06/2016
  5. Video Surveillance Sanction of works for provision of Video Surveillance. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/3(7)2 Dtd. 09/05/2016
  6. Video Conferencing Provision of Video Conferencing facility for HQ of CORE,NFR (Construction)and at all the 17 Zonal Railways. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(10)/2 Data Network Dtd. 31/03/2016
  7. ME and ML - Revised list of Directorate in Board's office working under Board (ME and ML)Lt.No. 2016/O&M/8/1 Dtd. 17/03/2016
  8. Email Policy - Implementation of "email policy of Government of India". Lt.No. 2010/Tele/TW/1 Data Network Dtd. 05/02/2016
  9. OFC Assets - OFC Assets created by Railway PSUs against sanctioned Pink Book works.Lt.No. 2005/Tele/RCIL/1 Dtd. 05/01/2016

Letters of 2015

  1. Guideline - Addressing of letters to Railway Board. Lt.No. 2015/AM(Tele)/Misc. Dtd. 16.11.2015.
  2. Analysis of Calls of Train Crew - Analysis of calls to and from CUG SIM's allotted to Train Crew between Sign ON and Sign OFF. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/2(1)/1/Pt. Dtd. 12.10.2015.
  3. TelePresence Facility - Charges for availing Tele Presence facility. Lt.No. 2015/Tele/ASTE/VideoConf.R.Tel Dtd. 12.08.2015.
  4. Satellite Service - Satellite Service - Roadmap for establishment of gateway in India. Lt.No. 2012/Tele/11(4)/1 Dtd. 05/10.08.2015.
  5. Bulk SMS Plan 'F' - Provision of Bulk SMS in the new CUG contract under Plan 'F'. Lt.No. 2013/Tele/11(2)/1 Dtd. 23.07.2015.
  6. Security Helpline - Change of category of "182" All India Security Helpline.Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 12.05.2015
  7. Schedule of Rates - Model schedule of rates wiki:UpLoads:SOR_Tele..pdf SOR for Telecom items . Lt.No. 2010/Tele/15(3)/2 Dtd. 07.04.2015.
  8. Telecom Equipments - System Improvement regarding elaborating the issues of Compatibility, performance of the Telecom equipments in the tender documents.Lt.No. 2015/Tele/15(18)/3 Dtd. 10.02.2015.
  9. Helpline Number - Single 3-digit All India Helpline Nomber (Excluding Security Helpline). Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 04.02.2015
  10. Security Helpline - All India Security Helpline Number 182 allotted for Indian Railways.Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 22.01.2015
  11. Wi-Fi At Station - Provision of Wi-Fi facility at all 'A' category Railway Stations. Lt.No. 2008/Tele/RCIL/1/Wi-Fi/Pt. Dtd. 16.01.2015

Letters of 2014

  1. Security Helpline - Three Digit No. '182' for All India Security Helpline. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 29.12.2014
  2. CUG IR - Annexure F & G
  3. Security Helpline - Prevention of crime against Railway Passengers. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 19.11.2014
  4. Security Helpline - Security Helpline number 1322. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 16.10.2014
  5. Video Conferencing - Design, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Video Conferencing System between Railway Board and Zonal Railways. Lt No.2011/Tele/15(10)2 Pt. Dtd. 22.09.2014
  6. Security Helpline - Integration of Short Code 1322 for Indian Railway Security helpline services. Lt.No. 2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 12.09.2014
  7. Security Helpline - Setting up of Security Helpline Number 1322. Lt No.2010/Tele/14(3)/1 Dtd. 27.08.2014
  8. Use of Mobile - Precautions to be taken while using Mobile Phone during International Travel. Lt No.2010/Tele/11(2)/2 Dtd. 03.04.2014
  9. Wireless PA System - Specification for 'On Board Wireless PS System'. Lt No.2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Pt. Dtd. 10.01.2014

Letters of 2013

  1. GSM Sets for Driver & Guard (MTRC) - Permission for use of ordinary GSM set for Driver & Guard Communication for MTRC Network in Grand Chord in East Central Railway. Lt No.2010/Tele/11(1)/1 Pt. Dtd. 12.12.2013.
  2. DOT Guidelines for Wi-Fi Services - Wi-Fi Internet facillity in trains and other Railway locations. Lt No.2010/Tele/WP/09-10/Multimedia/Pt.I Dtd. 07.10.2013.
  3. OFC Vigilance MIS - Railway Vigilance Network. Lt.No.2010/VC/Vigilance MIS Project/4 Dtd. 23.09.2013
  4. OFC Maintenance - OFC Maintenance blocks by RCIL. Lt.No.2010/Tele/3(5)/1 Dtd. 23.08.2013
  5. Driver Guard Communication - Regarding communication between Drivers & Guards in Rajdhani/ Shatabdi type trains - Clarification. Lt.No.2010/Tele/11(3)/1 Dtd. 21.08.2013
  6. Emergency Socket - Regarding Emergency Socket Box made of FRP material. Lt.No.2006/Tele/TC/2 Dtd. 13.08.2013
  7. Telecom Manual - Indian Railway Telecom Manual. Lt.No.2007/Tele/TCM/1 Dtd. 25.06.2013
  8. Video Telephony - Regarding ISDN connectionfor Video Telephony. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 pt Dtd. 25.06.2013
  9. Satellite Phone - Regarding Satellite Phone service for Railways for management of Railway Accidents / Disasters. Lt. No. 2012/Tele/11(4)1 Dtd. 18.06.2013
  10. FOIS - Requirement of Datacom Equipment for Commissioning of 53 CMS Lobbies over Western Railway. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/FOIS/Progress Dtd. 18.06.2013
  11. VHF sets MIL Standard - VHF sets - MIL Standard Compliance. Lt. No. 2013/Tele/11(3)/2 Dtd. 17.06.2013
  12. Video Conferencing - Video Conferencing Facility at IRIEEN and IRISET. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 Dtd. 10.06.2013
  13. Video Phone - Provision of Video Phone at IRIEEN. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 Dtd. 10.06.2013
  14. Control Failures - Control Failures on Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2013/Tele/15(10)/1 Dtd. 10.06.2013
  15. Cab Radio (IRPMU) - Provision of Cab Radio for Locomotives for MTRC Works (IRPMU). Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TP/7 pt Dtd. 20.05.2013
  16. Cab Radio - Provision of Cab Radio for Locomotives for MTRC Works. Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TP/7 pt Dtd. 20.05.2013
  17. OFC - Taking over of 8 fibres on OFC. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 14.05.2013
  18. Satellite Phone - Re-positioning of Satellite phones. Lt. No. 2012/Tele/11(4)/1 Dtd. 10.04.2013
  19. ISS Work (Samjhauta Exp.) - Issues related to Cargo Security Screening for Samjhauta Express. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/WIP/ISS Dtd. 28.03.2013
  20. RailTel's Requirement for taking over 8 Fibre - RailTel's requirement of OFC in Branch Lines / Spur Routes and Remote Areas. Lt. No. 2012/Tele/6(3)/1 Dtd. 21.01.2013
  21. CUG for RDSO Staff - Enlarging the scope of CUG facility to provide mobile connection to Supervisory staff of RDSO. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/1 Dtd. 16.01.2013
  22. TCSC 2012 - recommendation of 37th Telecom Standard Committee Meeting held on 23rd & 24th November, 2012 at secundrabad. Lt.No.2011/Tele/9(2)/1 Dtd. 10.01.2013.

Letters of 2012

  1. OFC Equipt - Synchronization of OFC equipment. Lt.No.2012/Tele/Misc Dtd. 11.12.2012
  2. Telecom Manual - Indian Railway Telecom Manual. Lt.No.2007/Tele/TCM/1 Dtd. 05.12.2012
  3. MTRC Working Group - Working Group on Mobile Radio Communication (MTRC). Lt.No.2012/Tele/11(12)/1 Dtd. 20.11.2012
  4. Railnet Upgradation - Transfer of Work of "Up-gradation of Railnet by providing centralized mailing system and security system at data centersand Railnet.locations. Lt.No.2011/Tele/6(3)/7 Dtd. 16.11.2012
  5. CUG meeting Minutes (Airtel) - Record of meeting held on 09/11/12 with M/s Airtel regarding CUG matters in the chamber of AM/Telecom in Railway Board. Lt.No.2010/Tele/11(2)/1 Dtd. 09.11.2012
  6. BPAC on OFC - Issues with BPAC working on OF cable. Lt.No.2003/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 17.09.2012
  7. Passenger Amenities Items - Comprehensive instructions for provision of Passenger Amenities at Station.Lt.No.2012/LM(PA)/3/5 Dtd. 11.09.2012
  8. Use of Phantom arrangement - Builing up of Super-imposed Datacom and Auto/Magneto circuits through phantom arrangements on any full quad already being used for VF grade primary circuits for extending data circuit/auto/magneto phone.Lt.No.2012/Tele/11(10)/1 Dtd. 16.08.2012
  9. Uniform Numbering Scheme MTRC Amdt 1.0 Version 1.0 - Uniform Numbering Scheme for Mobile Train Radio Communication network on Indian Railways.Lt.No.STT/WL/MTRC/503/General/Vol.III Dtd. 03.08.2012 -For Version 1.0 Click Here
  10. Yardsticks 2012-13 - Yardsticks for Gazetted staff in Construction Projects in the year 2012-13. Lt.No.2012/E&R/3/1(1) Dtd. 28.05.2012
  11. Exch 2012 - Provision of KTS Exchange at Railway Board. Lt.No.2012/Tele/15(16)/4 Dtd. 07.05.2012
  12. Laying OFC & QC 2012 - Laying practice of OFC and quad cable. Lt.No.2006/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 03.05.2012
  13. SCNP 2012 - Allocation of 9 MHz Ku-band capacity in Transponder No. 6 on INSAT-4CR to Indian Railways. Lt.No.SCNP/F.631/12 Dtd. 27.04.2012
  14. ISS 2012 - Inspection of ISS equipment. Lt.No.2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 26.04.2012
  15. Emergency Socket - Regarding Emergency Socket Box made of FRP material. Lt.No.2006/Tele/TC/2 Dtd. 02.04.2012
  16. OFC Maintenance 2012 - Maintenance of OFC system for automatic signalling. Lt.No.2010/Tele/3(5)/1 Dtd. 26.03.2012
  17. WPC 2012 - Royalty charges for Assignments of Frequencies to 'Captive Users' (users being charged on farmula basis) including all Government Users, involving Single Channel Operation for fixed/land/land Mobile Stations/terrestrial Broadcasting. Lt.No.P-11014/34/2009-PP(1)Dtd. 22.03.2012
  18. Fibre Maintenance - Proportionate fibre maintenance charges payable to RCIL for the year 2011-12. Lt. No.2011/Tele/6(3)/5 Dtd. 07.03.12
  19. Telephone Directory - Updation of Railway Board Telephone Directory. Lt.No.2012/Tele/TNL/5(MTD). Dtd. 06.03.2012
  20. VHF License - Validity of license for hand held VHF sets. Lt.No.2004/Tele/WL/2/Misc. Dtd. 03.02.2012
  21. CRB DO - CRB DO to Defence Secretary. Lt.No. 2011/Tele/15(10)/2 Dtd. 06.02.2012
  22. Instructions for IPDSLAM Work - Regarding implementation of the work of "Extension of Railnet to remote office locations and residential colony on Indian Railways". Lt.No.2000/Tele/TW/1/Railnet Works/Pt. Dtd. 24.1.12

Letters of 2011

  1. CUG IR (LOA) - Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for GSM Mobile Connection Under CUG over IR.
  2. IPv6 Adoption - Adoption of IPv6 network on Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(7)/1 Dtd. 30.12.2011
  3. IPv6 Adoption - IPv6 Adoption on Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(7)/1 Dtd. 24.10.2011
  4. DOT Guidelines (RE) - Guidelines from DOT for REPC Clearance. Lt. No. 96/RE/141/8 Pt.1 Dtd. 21.10.2011
  5. CUG for Non Gazetted - CUG mobile SIM to staff in Railway Board while transfer. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 27.09.2011
  6. BSNL Mobile - Use of BSNL mobile & landline phone as emergency communication in Naupada-Gunupur section of East Coast Railway. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(12)/1 Dtd.19.09.2011
  7. TCSC 2011 - Recommendation of 36th Telecom Standard Committee meeting held on 12th & 13th May, 2011 at Bangalore. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/9(2)/1 Dtd. 16.09.2011
  8. RCIL Fibre - Proportionate fibre maintenance charges payable to RCIL for the year 2010-11. Lt.No. 2007/Tele/RCIL/2 Pt. Dtd. 14.09.2011
  9. Control Communication - Control Communication System. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 07.09.2011
  10. IPv6 Adoption - Nomination of Nodal Officers for IPv6 adoption on Indian Railways and organisations under Ministry of Railways. Lt. No. 2011/Tele/11(7)/1 Dtd. 05.09.2011
  11. E-Mail ID - Email ID for Officers in domain. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/TW/1/Data Network Dtd. 30.08.2011
  12. CUG IR - CUG Mobile Phone for Indian Railways. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/11(2)1 Dtd. 26.08.2011
  13. Minutes of Meeting - Minutes of Meeting with IRPMU and RailTel held in Railway Board on 28.07.2011
  14. Failure Reporting - Failure Reporting to Railway Board. Lt No. 2008/Tele/TC/1 Dtd. 27.07.2011
  15. CUG IR (Plan) - Submission of Revised Mobile CUG Plan. Dtd. 31.08.2011
  16. Exch 2011 - Guidelines for implementation of Asterisk on Indian Railways. Lt No. 2011/Tele/15(3)/3 Dtd. 25.07.2011
  17. IP Network 2011 - Introduction of New Transport Technology. Lt No. 2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 19.07.2011
  18. NGN 2011 - Allotment of STD code for connectivity to RailTel's CO's exchange to NGN Network. Lt No. 2010/Tele/6(3)/3/Pt. Dtd. 13.07.2011
  19. TCSC 2011 - Recommendation of 36th Telecom Standard Committee meeting held on 12th & 13th May, 2011 at Bangalore. Lt.No. 2011/Tele/9(2)/1 Dtd. 07.07.2011
  20. ISS 2011 - Inspection of Integrated Security System (ISS) Equipment Lt. No. 2010/Tele/9(1)/1 Dtd. 04.07.2011
  21. Centralized Email - Centralization of Railways email service Lt. No. 2009/Tele/TW/1/RailNet Dtd. 12.05.2011
  22. WPC 2011 - Allocation of frequency by WPC for use of Railways. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl.Pt. Dtd. 10.05.2011
  23. IPDSLAM Work Guidelines - Regarding Work of "Extension of Railnet to remote office locations and residential colony on Indian Railways." Lt. No. 2000/Tele/TW/1/Railnet Works/Pt 1 dated 25.04.2011.

Letters of 2010

  1. L C Gate Telephone - Provision of independent telephonic communication with manned LC Gates of stations controlling multiple gates. Lt No.2010/Tele/11(11)/1 Dtd. 28.09.2010.
  2. Quad Cable 2010 - Procurement and Inspection of Quad cable jointing kit and accessories. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/11(10)/1 Dtd. 24.09.2010.
  3. VHF Battery - Replacement of Battery packs of the Walkie-Talkie sets used by Drivers & Guards. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/11(3)/1 Dtd. 19.08.2010 .
  4. FCT in ARTs - Recommendation of High level committee on Disaster Management(04 FCT in ART's). Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 04.06.2010
  5. CUG Audit Officer - CUG for Audit Officer. Lt. No. 2010/Tele/TN/1 Dtd. 19.05.2010
  6. MOU Document - Rly & RCIL - Memorandum of Understating. Lt. No. 2005/Tele/RCIL/1/Pt. Dtd. 15.04.2010
  7. CUG for Non Gazetted - Policy for CUG connection to non-gazetted staff in Railway Board. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 03.02.2010
  8. V-SAT for UTS - Provision of V-SAT terminals for UTS connectivity. Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TN/2/pt Dtd. 15.01.2010

Letters of 2009

  1. Wireless - Inter Station Wireless Backup System.. L No. 2008/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 25.05.2009.
  2. Satellite Phone - Use of Satellite Phones. L No. 99/Tele/TN/6 Dtd. 21.05.2009
  3. CUG Facility to RDSO Staff - Enlarging the scope of CUG facility to provide mobile connection to Supervisory staff of RDSO as on Zonal Railways. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/1 Dtd. 01.04.2009
  4. True Colour Display Board - Provision of True Colour Display Boards for Passenger Information System. Lt. No. 2003/Tele/TCM/1/Pt. Dtd. 30.03.2009.
  5. VSAT - Maintenance of VSAT Terminals. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/FOIS/Progress Dtd. 09.03.2009.
  6. VHF Battery - Battery for VHF based Walkie-Talkie sets. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WE/1/WT Dtd. 13.02.2009 .

Letters of 2008

  1. Call Limit CUG - Call Limit of CUG Phones. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/TN/1/Pt.II Dtd. 07.08.2008
  2. IT Network - Guidelines for Design, Implementation, Management & Maintenance Data networks for PRS & UTS. Lt. No. 2007/Tele/WP/1 Dtd. 22.02.2008

Letters of 2007

  1. RCIL Works - Execution of RCIL works by RailTel - Review of payment terms. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/RCIL/4 Dtd. 10.12.2007
  2. Spectrum Charges Policy on payment of spectrum charges to Ministry of Communications. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl./Pt. Dtd. 17.10.07
  3. IT Network - Guidelines for Design, Implementation, Management & Maintenance Data networks for PRS/UTS. Lt. No. 2006/C&IS/WP 2007-08/AZR/UTS/10 Dtd. 03.09.2007
  4. RCIL Works - Execution of work by RailTel. Lt. No. 2006/Tele/RCIL/4 Dtd. 14.06.2007
  5. Guidelines for Railnet Network Guidelines for Railnet Network Lt. No. 2000/Tele/TW/1/Railnet Works Pt dt. 30.04.2007.
  6. Recommendation 97 (DM) - Recommendation on High Level Committee on Disaster Management - Recommendation No. 97 Lt. No. 2004/Tele/TN/2 Dtd. 27.04.2007
  7. IT Network - Design, Provision, installation, Maintenance & commissioning of telecom Data network for IT application.Lt. No. 2007/Tele/WP/1 Dtd. 05.03.2007
  8. IT Network - Design, Provision, installation, Maintenance & commissioning of telecom Data network for IT application.Lt. No. 2007/Tele/WP/1 Dtd. 12.02.2007

Letters of 2006

  1. Codal Life - Revised Codal Life for Assets Lt. No. 2002/AC-II/1/10 Dtd. 25.05.2006
  2. WPC 2006 - Guidelines for dealing with WPC. Lt. No. 2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl/Pt. Dtd. 03.04.2006

Letters of 2005

  1. Uniform Numbering Scheme MTRC - Uniform Numbering Scheme for Mobile Train Radio Communication network on Indian Railways.Lt.No.STT/WL/MTRC/503 Dtd.11.11.2005

Letters of 2004

  1. Quad Cable Procurement - Procurement of Quad Cable to IRS: TC 30/97. Lt. No. 2003/Tele/TP/1 DTd. 09.03.04
  2. JPO 2004 - Joint Procedure Order for undertaking digging work in the vicinity of underground Signalling, Electrical and Telecommunication Cables. Lt. No. 2004/Sig/G/7

Letters of 2003

  1. Quad Cable 2003 - Laying of Quad Cable along with OFC. Lt. No. 2003/Tele/TP/1 Dtd. 08.08.2003

Letters of 2002

  1. Preventive Measures (Fire) - Fire accident in Cable Store at Vijayawada - RE Depot - Preventive Measures Regarding. Lt. No. 2000/Tele/TE/6 Dtd. 16.04.2002
  2. Speed Certificate from RDSO - Speed certificate for operation of Rajdhani Express and other similar trains with WDP2 class of locomotive between New Delhi - Bangalore. Lt. No. SD.POL 12.10 Dtd. 29.01.2002

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